​Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Heirloom? - Heirloom is a tasting menu restaurant serving one set menu each night. Dinner consists of 4-5 full courses as well as a handful of snack courses that make up our 7-10 course menu. We also offer wine, beer, and non-alcoholic options for an additional charge. 

What is the cost for dinner? - Current cost is $125 per person plus tax and gratuity. This includes the full tasting menu. Beverages are available for an additional charge.

How do I make a reservation? - Reservations release on the 15th of each month at 11am for the following month's dates. We do fill up quickly so we recommend jumping on right at 11am on the 15th. You can use the link here on our website or also use the link on our instagram or Facebook pages to book. 

Do you offer a waitlist? - YES and we do use it. Please feel free to add your name to any dates you are interested in and if a table opens up you will be notified via email. Once that table opens it is available to everyone on the waitlist for that date. Whoever books it first does get the table.

How long is a meal at Heirloom? - Dinner typically lasts about 2.5 hours give or take.

Do you accommodate food allergies? - Yes, we do and we will always try our best to make our guests happy. However, we do need ample notice of anyone in your party who may need accommodations. We can not accommodate allergies on the fly and unfortunately at this time we can not accommodate dairy free or fully vegan diets. Please reach out to us directly with questions about your dietary needs. 

What is Pinky Swear? - Pinky Swear by Heirloom is our cocktail bar located just outside the restaurant. It is a hi-fi record bar and you are more than welcome to come for drinks before or after your dinner reservation at Heirloom. You can also come anytime and often as reservations are not required for Pinky Swear.